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    Email: casey@theshorelinegroup.com

  • Tammy Ricci

    Owner / Manager NMLS # 67668

    Tammy has been in the mortgage business for over 27 years. She started as a retail processor and eventually worked her way through every position in the mortgage business. Tammy spent over 12 years as the Regional Operations Manager of Chase Manhattan Wholesale overseeing 120 employees in 5 states. After leaving Chase, Tammy opened the Charlotte Branch of Schmidt Mortgage, where she managed several operations staff and loan officers. In 2010 Schmidt Mortgage closed and Tammy Casey and most of their staff and Loan Officers went to work for a Mortgage Lender. After many successful years working for others, they decided it was time to follow their dreams, move to the coast and open their own broker shop. Today you will find Tammy back at her roots, processing the loans and managing the business they have worked hard to build.

  • Casey Forester

    Owner / Mortgage Loan Originator NMLS # 99076

    Casey has been a Mortgage Loan Originator for 15 years. He began his mortgage career in Operations at Chase Manhattan Wholesale. Early on he knew he wanted to do more. Vince Schmidt with Schmidt Mortgage agreed to bring Casey on as a loan officer. He helped him learn the business and trained him to do things the right way. Casey often credit’s his time with Schmidt Mortgage with giving him the perspective to know that if you treat people right, offer them the best rate available, answer your phone and never run from problems you will be successful and people will keep coming back to you. Casey has continued to practice this philosophy and has created a very successful and extensive referral business. His business depends on your satisfaction and he will never take that for granted.